allo// 2013

Allo is an audiovisual installation by Arno Deutschbauer and Micha Elias Pichlkastner. It deals with „Allophobia“, the fear of all things different and strange and encourages you to face your shadows (Jung’s shadow theory) and hidded anxieties. Allo is meant as an experiential challenge. Thus, this installation works best individually, because you are all alone in this different situation and environment in which visual and acoustic perceive works most transparent and immersive.

CONCEPT & PROCUCTION by arno deutschbauer & micha elias pichlkastner.
DESIGN & VISUALS by micha elias pichlkastner.
AUDIO & SOUNDDESIGN by arno deutschbauer.

everything you believe, is what you see
allo is here, because you need it to be

allo is a stranger, allo is you
so reality changes if you do

allo is your anima, allo is your animus
allo is nothing and everything
allo isn’t there, it’s just what you see
so allo is what you want it to be