Laboratory of the Exo/Endo Corpus

The film deals with organic and technical fibers, with hair, roads, high voltage wires, musical strings, tubes, cables, threads, lines and spouts as “paths of energy”. In the guise of a contemporary techno-myth it projects a horizon of complex interrelationsships between bodies, powers and spaces. Its starting point is the huge installation Elisabeth von Samsonow created for the Dominican Church in Krems, Lower Austria, in 2016.

CREDITS (Selection)

Direction/Idea/Installation by
Elisabeth von Samsonow

Screenplay by
Elisabeth von Samsonow

Assistant Direction/Editing/Sound Editing/Storyboard/VFX/Titles by

Cinematography by
David Lindinger

Friederike Mayröcker
Andreas Hausberger
Bertl Mütter

Color Grading by
Daniel Hollerweger

Sound by
David Lindinger
Arno Deutschbauer