Bodyline Borderline

Bodyline Borderline is a terrific spectacle – it’s angry, impatient and with it’s digital overlays exhausts the dancers as well as the audience by pushing them right to the edge.
It’s an interactive audiovisual performance that reflects on the increasing physical and mental demands of artificial intelligence, devices and media on the human mind and body.
The overwhelming requirements of the digital age challenges the limitation of human capacities in many ways and leaves us abstracted and exhausted.
Through empathic participation of the audience, the performers’ exhaustion gets transmitted onto the viewer.
The top-down projection increases the claustrophobic and steered feel of humans being chased and controlled by information tracking and media manipulation that squeezes every last bit of data and energy out of their exhausted and drained bodies and minds to the point that the performers are not able to proceed.


Dancing/Choreography by
Sandra Hanschitz/Lisbeth Bitto

Programming by
Tim Schenk

Visuals/Video by

Sound/Graphics by
Raimund Schumacher

Cinematography by
Jakob Barth/Michaelias/Gregor Sams/Tim Schenk

Special Thanks to
Cinema Vertigo/Emanuel Andel/Schmiede 13/All Smiths