The audiovisual Installation REPLICA deals with the subject of the human-machine-interface and the consequential transformation of communication and perception in terms of the body in space. The body is progressively losing its importance, faced with the present shift from physical towards virtual space. One loses its orientation and equilibrium in its virtual surrounding. The body and mind are feeling directed and claustrophobic. Experiencing the weight and restraint of computation we revolt and fight internally. Our individuality is seized by the media apparatus. We become standardized to increase the precision of calculation. A lead blanket is pushing and keeping us down. Shivering and devitalized; we try hard to stay physical, self-thinking and self-perceiving human-beings.


A Project by

Performance by
Zoe Schreckenberg

Sound by
Arno Deutschbauer

Special Thanks to
Lukas Ipsmiller, Fabian Pfeilhofer, Jakob Barth, Bartholomäus Traubeck, Andrei Warren Perkovic, Allison Long, Lisbeth Bitto, Wiener Endorphine Collective, Pratersauna Wien, Spektakel Wien